Pub Quiz Poster

Pub Quiz Poster

A poster design for Nottingham Uni Christian Union, for a Pub Quiz event. It was a church design so done free of charge 🙂

Why Design matters to the Church

I recently found this blog post about the importance of graphic design in the church, with thoughts from a couple of Christian graphic designers, Barton Dammer from Igniter Media, one of the UK’s top graphic designers and Bryan Clark from I think it sums up my passion for design within the church and my reasoning for providing churches with free designs for events, services etc. Continue reading

NEW! Interactive Portfolio

You can now view all my designs on the Interactive Portfolio. Click here to view it.

Deuteronomy 11:18

A bible verse poster I did a while ago. Image copyright: Dmitriy Berkut

Matthew 5:14

A design done originally for a baptism card. It’s non-commercial and free of charge. All credit for the background image goes to Carlos Restrepo.

Here is the background image:

Nottingham Uni CU Open Mic Poster

Nottingham Uni CU Open Mic Night PosterA poster designed for Nottingham Christian Union Open Mic Night in November 2011. It was a non-commercial design, also done free of charge.